Main Research Question

How can children’s play in sub-Saharan Africa be decolonized through the digital?


1. Network: Create new international networks

2. Infra-Structure: Build digital infra-structure and capacity to ensure more sustainable collaboration and knowledge exchange.

3. Knowledge: Generate knowledge about African children’s digital literacies.

4. Future Projects: Design future projects that include children and parents co-designing and playing digital games in a wide range of Sub-Saharan countries.


Conducting a literature review on digital play in sub-Saharan countries.

Archiving and digitising a sample of games played by children in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa through a multidisciplinary approach.

Re-analysing the CTAP datasets to expose how South African children play in between the binaries of the digital/non-digital.

Communicating with the Network members on-line through the especially created website, social media and regular Zoom network meetings.